Day 17: Twin Shadow – Forget

17 Mar

Castles in the Snow

Electronic music always sounds like a collage to me.  Elements spanning every musical genre are often incorporated, from tribal drums to distorted electronic guitar.  That’s why I have trouble writing about it.  How can I pinpoint a few things that stuck out after all of that?  I’ll do my best with Twin Shadow.

So Twin Shadow’s Forget got a ton of hype last summer, but I somehow managed to avoid it until now.  George Lewis Jr., the single member of Twin Shadow, will be opening for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at a show I’m going to in April, so I figured it was time to stop neglecting these tunes.

I imagine that if I was around for the 80s, this is what it would have sounded like.  With all of the synths, and that fluid, new-wavy sound, Forget could have been the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club.

Now for my opinion…I like it enough, I guess.  It’s not a type of sound that I usually listen to, but for electronic, synthesizer-heavy music, it’s pretty good.  The album never gets boring, even though many of the songs sound similar.  Solid drum machine beats and bleepy-bloopy synth lines make up the majority of this album, along with a heavy reliance on original vocals by Lewis himself.  That’s something you don’t see too much with this type of music, and it’s refreshing to hear.  Usually bands with this sound use vocals as another instrument, blending them in with the rest of the music.  Lewis’ vocals are distinct, which gives the music a poppy sound.

Forget is a solid album with enough good songs to justify its existence.  Seeing how one man can play this music by himself should be interesting.


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