Day 38: Deerhunter – Cryptograms

7 Apr

Spring Hall Convert

What can I say?   If I see a cool album cover, I’m going to check the album out.  Look at that cover.  Look at it!  Dougie can’t begin to describe it.  So pretty much all that I knew about Deerhunter going into this is that they are capable of putting kick-ass covers together.

If I had known just a little more about Deerhunter, I could have saved myself about half an hour.  Cryptograms is the beyond boring, and my only guess as to why it got the praise it did is that people were afraid to admit that it’s boring.  Or maybe everyone’s just a whole lot smarter than I am, and more capable of comprehending repetitive, boring, long, obnoxious songs.  Well, if being stupid means I can’t do that, I’m okay with it.

I see this happen all the time, though.  A new record will come out, and a few key people will hype it.  Sure enough, anyone else who listens to it wants to fit in, so they just talk about how great it is, and assume that it went over their heads.  Because Swole Ear has about 2 readers, myself included, I don’t care about looking stupid.  This album is beyond me.  It remains the only Swole Ear album that I’ve turned off early because I couldn’t take it anymore.  This is pretension defined, and I just can’t deal with it.

If we’re talking about album covers, though, Cryptograms can’t be beat.  Yeah, I think looking at it almost sent me into a seizure, but still.


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