Day 44: Telekinesis – Telekinesis!

13 Apr

Coast of Carolina

Telekinesis is comprised of one dude: Michael Benjamin.  Even with two first names, he remains a single person, a person who is capable of putting together an entire kick-ass album by himself.  I always find that interesting.  What must go through the mind of someone like that?  Is it a superiority thing?  Does he think that he is the only person capable of realizing the vision that is Telekinesis!?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t really matter, though. With Telekinesis’ debut, Benjamin proved that he ain’t need nobody.

What makes Telekinesis! so great is its simplicity.  Benjamin doesn’t go over the top and play an entire symphony by himself, as pretty much every song is made up of 4/4 percussion, a couple of layers of guitars, vocals, and every now and then, a little piano.  Benjamin knows that the best songs are often the ones that require the smallest amount of digestion on the listener’s part. He doesn’t touch on any complex themes with his lyrics, sticking mostly with love, the indie rock standby.  He never goes into any face-melting guitar riffs or gut-busting drum solos, and he knows that he doesn’t need to.  All components of the album blend together spectacularly, probably because the same person put them all together.

There actually was not a single track on this record that I didn’t like.  Benjamin has that indie-pop sound down to a science.  Catchy guitars, simple beats, and melodramatic lyrics are used liberally throughout the record, and sure, he’s not reinventing the genre, but he doesn’t need to.


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