Day 50: Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin

19 Apr

Good Times Bad Times

Here’s the deal: Led Zeppelin is essentially sacred to my father.  They are untouchable and infallible in his eyes.  That’s why I’ve been dreading this particular Dad-Rock Tuesday for a while.  What if I didn’t like this album?  I’ve listened to IV a few times, and I’ve been on the fence about it.  I also knew that if I spoke poorly of Led Zeppelin, I would be in ill favor in my household for the rest of eternity; so there was a bit of pressure on me to like this record.

Once I was able to get past the ’60s sound that this album has to it, I was able to see its merit.  Check out Dazed and Confused, and you’ll understand what I mean.  I’ve never been a huge fan of psychedelic, dreamy guitars—I feel that they’ve been completely worn out by now, nothing more original can come from them—but then I remembered that Led Zeppelin pretty much invented this style of music.  Once I started listening with that lens, I definitely started getting more into the album.

Led Zeppelin fared better with me than most of the other Dad-Rock Tuesday records so far.  When I listened to this record, I could just tell that there was something important, something game changing, about it.  Led Zeppelin, specifically Jimmy Page and his ridiculous guitar work, has a sound that’s been imitated countless times, but never duplicated.  I definitely have a ton of respect for Led Zeppelin (the band, and the record.)


2 Responses to “Day 50: Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin”

  1. Yuanny Dollar April 21, 2011 at 12:18 pm #

    I’m glad you respect them, but that isn’t what they want. They want your soul and if you have one you have to surrender it to them at some point. The problem is, when Robert Plant teamed up with Alison Kraus, he had to give back 30+ years of collected souls. It cannot have been worth it. T-Bone Burnett, shame on you.

  2. Darrell Dunn December 27, 2011 at 8:08 am #

    Not every one from back in the era thinks Zep defined rock. First, the writing on the great bulk of their material is pretty mundane.

    Saw them in ’77 and can honestly say it was the loudest concert I have ever attended. So loud it physically hurt. I enjoyed opening act Blue Oyster Cult (who I had never seen before, and pre-Reaper) more.

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