Day 54: The Morning Benders – Talking Through Tin Cans

23 Apr

Patient Patient

54 days.  That’s all it takes.  54 days has been all I’ve needed to become completely jaded.  Everything I listen to now is starting to sound like everything else.  I don’t think it’s my fault, though.  There’s been an acceptable sound established in today’s indie music scene.  It involves a basic set up; singer, guitar, bass, and drums.  And so far, that set-up has been featured in far too many of the albums that I’ve listened to.  It’s unfortunate.  And it’s boring me to tears.

Take The Morning Benders, for instance.  I tried to pay attention, I really did.  I just couldn’t bring myself to stay in a fully conscious state for an entire song.  One of the few times that I was able to break out of that trance, I was greeted with the following genius lyric on Crosseyed,  “but somewhere inside me there’s a jealous mind, and I want it out of my head.”  Jesus.  Someone save me.  As you can imagine, that didn’t motivate me to give much attention to the rest of the song.  Or the album.

I don’t think I missed too much.  The Morning Benders seemed to do exactly what every other band does.  It’s not that they’re bad, it’s that they’re not good.  The entire record has been done before.  It seems like half of the bands that I’ve listened to because of this blog use this same generic sound.  I’m getting sick of it.  I’m going to have to branch out music-wise if I plan on lasting 365 days.  I might have to start listening to—gulp—hip-hop.


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