Day 58: Throw Me the Statue – Moonbeams

27 Apr


Throw Me the Statue…yeah. I’m not even gonna touch that one.  Anyway, moving on.   Let’s do something unusual for Swole Ear—focus on the music.

Moonbeams is decent.  It’s also its own worst enemy.  There are plenty of solid tracks on this record.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of not-solid tracks as well, which doesn’t make any sense to me because they don’t need to be there!  There are fifteen songs on Moonbeams, which clocks in at close to an hour in length.  This record really could have benefitted from a few cuts.

There really is enough material on Moonbeams to put together one hell of an indie-pop record.  It starts out strongly enough, with the (slightly misleading) electronic Young Sensualists, and keeps going with the good stuff for a few songs, but the middle of the record is a dry, desolate, uncreative, boring stretch.  From Your Girlfriend’s Car through Yucatan Gold—a stretch of four songs—there isn’t too much good to say. Cutting these songs could have made the album a lot stronger, and kept it within the acceptable album length range too.  Hell, even reorganizing the song layout could have helped—it’s hard not to take notice when that many bad songs hit you in a row.

That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty of awesome throughout Moonbeams, though.  When Throw Me the Statue (oh lord) are on their A-game, they make really great music.  Groundswell is one of my new favorite songs, a tune with a fast tempo, catchy lyrics, and a variety of instruments (from synths to horns).  This band can have a lot of fun when they want to, and that’s where they’re at their best.  They’re also capable of putting great records together, if they can just learn a little self-control.


One Response to “Day 58: Throw Me the Statue – Moonbeams”

  1. Yuanny Dollar April 28, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    Not a word about the album cover? You are a disciplined young man. How do you feel about album art? Does it matter? You seem to care about the order of the songs, so if that part of the package is important, what about other parts of the package? Discuss.

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