Day 65: Beirut – The Flying Club Cup

4 May

La Banlieu

And the Lollapalooza research has begun.  Every year, after the lineup comes out, I start listening to the bands that I should know, but that have managed to escape my ear-grasp for whatever reason.  Beirut is one of those bands.  How I’ve never gotten around to listening to them, I have no idea.  They’re one of those bands that all of my mindie friends swear by, and they’re fairly high up on the lineup, pretty much topping the mid-tier (which is fantastic this year, I would like to add).

Beirut does have one concrete thing going for it, an awesome name.  As for The Flying Club Cup…eh…

This record is pretty hit or miss, with a little too much boring for it to earn another listen.

Don’t get me wrong, this album has some redeeming factors.  A Sunday Smile is definitely a decent song.  It has group vocals, which pretty much guaranteed that I would like it from the start…I’m weird that way.  La Banlieu is pretty solid too, and as close to an up-tempo song as Beirut can muster.

The rest of the record is a bit too boring for me.  Beirut relies heavily on an accordion, the novelty of which wears out pretty quickly;  once that happens, you’re stuck listening to slow, boring accordions for the rest of the album, a fate I would not wish upon anybody.  It doesn’t help that Zach Condon, the singer, sounds about as uninterested in his music as I am.

Every now and then, The Flying Club Cup would have something that would make me say “yes!”  Something like a good tempo change or standout lyric.  However, those moments were few and far between, and didn’t make this album worth listening to.


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