Day 91: Algernon Cadwallader – Parrot Flies

30 May

If It Kills Me

Finally.  It’s here.  Algernon Cadwallader’s new album has leaked, and it officially feels like summer.  I don’t know if this is really a “leak” in the classic sense, though. For all I could tell, there was no official release date planned for this record—the band was just going to sell it on their tour when copies of it were made available to them.  I wanted to become familiar with the new stuff before their stop in Chicago, so I didn’t hesitate for a second when I saw that there was a download on the web.

This record has been a long time coming.  Tales of delays, problems, and frustration permeated the Algernon blog over the past couple months, as the band appeared to be struggling to put together something that they really thought of as perfect.  And after a couple of listens, the wait was definitely worth it.

Think of Cap’n Jazz, but with guys who sound like they’re a little nicer, and less angsty.  That’s what you get out of Algernon Cadwallader.  Yeah, there’s plenty of screaming, but it’s not obnoxious screaming.  It has a purpose, you feel so much emotion pouring out of every track, and you can tell that these guys put everything they have into this record, as usual.  And hell, it sounds good.  You’ve got to move past the stigmas that music with a little screaming may have (THIS IS NOT “SCREAMO,” WHATEVER THE HELL THAT IS), and just listen free of bias.  You may find that you like it.

I’m making it sound like screaming takes over this record.  It doesn’t, I promise. In fact, my favorite thing about Algernon’s music is the lyrics that I can actually comprehend. “Exercise your wrists/exercise your fists/exercise common sense” on Pitfall sticks out right now, and I’m sure that there are plenty of other (possibly better) gems that I’ll hear after a few more listens.  Another great record from this underappreciated band.


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