Day 95: Band of Horses – Everything All the Time

3 Jun

The First Song

“Hey guys, you know the first song on our record, the one we can’t come up with a name for?  Let’s call it The First Song.  That’s hilarious, right?  I mean, its got nothing to do with the fairly abstract lyrics, but hey, who cares?”

When statements like that run through my head while listening to a record, it’s never a good sign.  I’ll be honest; I was skeptical of this band before I pressed play on this record.  They’ve been hyped so much over the past couple of years, I can’t help but cast a wary eye upon them.

Fortunately, the song titles got a little more…good…from that point forward.  Unfortunately, Band of Horses was unable to live up to their massive amounts of hype on Everything All the Time.   Seriously, people hold this band in the highest regard, and I just don’t understand it.

By no means is Everything All the Time terrible.  In fact, I kind of liked it.  It’s just that I was expecting the freaking second coming of Jesus condensed into an indie rock album, and that’s not what I got.  Under other (non-hyped) circumstances, I might have considered this album anywhere from decent to pretty good.

The truth is, Band of Horses is just another band of indie rockers.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Anyone who takes their love of this band to such extreme, hype-inducing levels needs to listen to more music.  There’s plenty of stuff just like this already out there, and it’s not even that hard to find.  Give The National, Manchester Orchestra, or Fleet Foxes a go.  I think all three of those bands do indie rock better, and in a manner similar to Band of Horses.


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