Day 98: Klaxons – Myths of the Near Future

6 Jun

It’s Not Over Yet

English teacher of mine, what the hell do you want from me?  You’ve been my Lit & Comp teacher this entire school year, and I still haven’t figured you out.  You tell me that I need to write with more of a voice, so I do that.  I let the Jacob flow out of me on this last paper, almost unfiltered. What happened? Another B.  Beyond frustrating because I know that this last paper was good.

Why am I venting all over you, the Swole Ear reader?  I’m not even tryna’ front.  The main reason is that I am really frustrated with this grade that I perceive as unfair.  Secondly, I think this anger fits well with Klaxons’ Myths of the Near Future. No, Klaxons are not an angry band in the typical sense—they don’t smash things or shout or whine a lot or preach or act like they’re better than everyone, but their catchy indie pop does have a bit of a dark twinge to it.  Fortunately, this sets them apart from every overly enthusiastic obscure band out there.

Klaxons make fast-paced, infectious, danceable music, and I love it. They go deeper than surface level lyrically; something that most bands of this type just don’t do, and I really appreciate that.  Listening to their music doesn’t make me feel like I have a 4th grade education, as lots of pop music does.

Often, when you go deep lyrically, you go angry.  It’s just human nature—we’re angry life forms.  I know I’m angry.


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