Day 116: Cults – Cults

24 Jun


The hype:  some believe it, some scorn it, and others are oblivious to it.  If you’re anything but the latter, it’s a fact that the hype is going to effect your opinion of the music that it is being placed on in some way.  I tend to scorn the hype.  Odd Future? They suck (and they’re homophobic Nazis, but that’s for another day).   Band of Horses?  Get out of here.

So when I begin listening to a hyped band’s hyped album, it’s already at a disadvantage.  Something special needs to happen for me to get over my hate of the hype.

That special something can be found in Cults’ creatively titled Cults. 

Imagine that Sleigh Bells and Tennis had a baby.  Now for some reason, unlike The Drums, this baby turned out okay, with no visible deformities.  It’s going to take a while before we’ll really be able to see if this new band-baby is all there mentally, but for now, it’s looking good. 

All three bands that I mentioned are male-female duos, featuring the ladies taking over on the vocals.  The delicateness of Tennis is merged with a few of the heavier elements of Sleigh Bells, and something entirely new (as well as entirely awesome) is the result.

Cults is a pretty safe, indie pop record, but sometimes that’s just what you need.  Fortunately, it gets the job done in a unique enough way to make it listenable.  Yes, the glockenspiel has been all but worn out in this genre, but I’ll look past it in this case.  Another band has been added to the Lolla list.


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