Day 118: They Might Be Giants – Flood

26 Jun

Birdhouse In Your Soul

Everyone knows They Might Be Giants.  I guarantee that this band has found its way into your life at some point, even if you don’t realize it.  TMBG has been around for close to thirty years now, and their music has been almost everywhere.  Before listening to Flood, I traced my Giants roots back to the glory days of the Homestar Runner website.  The group’s song, Experimental Film, got a music video made for it by those guys, and it’s pretty good.

After listening to Flood, though, I realized that They Might Be Giants’ music had made its way into my life much, much earlier.  When the band’s cover of Istanbul (Not Constantinople) started playing, I knew that I had heard that song at some point.  After a little Wikipedia-ing, I found out that it was used in a Tiny Toon Adventures music video.  For anyone who’s really out of touch, Tiny Toon Adventures was a Loony Toons spinoff featuring Bugs Bunny and company as “kids.”  Mainly, that meant that they were smaller, and I think some wore diapers.  Even as a six-year-old, I felt bad about watching that show, like it was even too dumb for me.    

Anyway, my point is, TMBG has made its way into my life so many times before I finally got around to listening to an album (thanks elcheeserpuff), I was essentially bound to love them.  Flood is quirky, and from the many Giants songs that I’ve heard over the years, pretty standard for them.  Long story short, these guys have been making great music for three decades, and I have a lot of albums of theirs to listen to if I want to catch up.


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