Day 122: Metronomy – The English Riviera

30 Jun

The Look

Wait, what was that I just heard?  Was that an interesting and creative record?  Made by a band categorized as “indie rock?” Really?  Wow, haven’t heard one of those in a while…

Records like this are what keep me going.  I would have abandoned Swole Ear long ago if all I was listening to were crap like Hoodie Allen and Radio Head.  Sure, records like those may have resulted in some of my best posts, but I would go crazy listening to that garbage over and over again.

No, Metronomy doesn’t suck.  In fact, this band’s record, The English Riviera, is pretty much as far from sucking as a record can be.  I guess I’ll describe the band’s music as minimalistic indie pop rock, but that doesn’t really do it justice.  Think Hot Chip, but with the electronic turned down a tad, and the pop turned up.  Wait, no, that doesn’t work either.

Truth is, this music is a little hard to describe, as good tunes often are.  If a record is good, that means that it’s fairly original, which in turn means that it’s hard to compare to anything else.

Metronomy manage to do a lot with what appears to be a little in The English Riviera.  There’s never too much going on at once, with simple beats and sparse synths that give it an almost empty sound.  It never gets too hyperactive, or goes over the top, which is a welcome change of pace from lots of the WE-MUST-HAVE-TWENTY-INSTRUMENTS-GOING-SIMULTANEOUSLY cutesy bands out there.


One Response to “Day 122: Metronomy – The English Riviera”

  1. elcheeserpuff July 2, 2011 at 2:14 am #

    Haha, I enjoy watching the evolution of your dislike for Radiohead.

    I’m enjoying “The Look” but I can’t shake the feeling of familiarity, despite never hearing it. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing yet.

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