Day 126: Pixies – Surfer Rosa

4 Jul

Where Is My Mind?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.  What is going on here?  I was supposed to listen to a record by Pixies.  You know, that band that makes crazy good surreal tracks like Where is My Mind? I just listened to what sounded like a pretty standard late 80s indie rock band.  Someone must have gotten the record tags switched up; Mediafire can be so unreliable sometimes.

Wait, you’re telling me that Where is My Mind? isn’t the norm for Pixies?  Well that’s disappointing.  I’ve been building these guys up ever since I saw Fight Club for the first time, in which that track is featured prominently.  I went straight to iTunes (hahahaha) right after having my mind blown by that movie a few years back, and relived that final scene countless times through that song.

Surfer Rosa did not disappoint me — not by any means.  If anything, this record explains why people get so excited over Pixies.  It’s about all that you can ask for from an indie rock record.  It’s catchy, fast paced, and thoroughly entertaining.  The brightest spot on this album is, and will always be, Where is My Mind?, though.  It’s like nothing else in history, and is up there as one of my favorite songs ever.

Maybe it’s just the pure greatness that is that track, but Surfer Rosa seems to fall off after My Mind.  And it’s not just due to the large portion that is en español. It’s pretty unreasonable for anything to be expected to compare to that single song, so anything after was bound to disappoint me.  All I know is, I won’t be pressing play on Surfer Rosa for a mind blowing, thought provoking record any time soon.  As a rock album, it gets the job done.  Where is My Mind? comes off as out of place, though.  It’s just too good.


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