Day 136: The Jayhawks – Tomorrow The Green Grass

14 Jul



And the lackluster Minnesota Week continues.  Guess what.  I still don’t want to be doing this.  Oh well.  I promise, that’s the last complaint you’ll hear out of me for a while.

So.  Now I’m pretty much stuck with actually reviewing a record.  Let’s get to it, I suppose.

The Jayhawks are one of those bands that I can’t really describe.  Throughout Tomorrow The Green Grass, I heard all kinds of different genres coming together.  There’s some folk, some country, maybe even a little bluegrass mixed in.  But there’s also a definite indie-rockish sound to it.  Wait.  Alt-Country.  Duh.  Sorry, I just remembered that this type of music really can be described.  Think early Wilco.  Except this record came out before Wilco formed…still, it’s a valid comparison.

So, what do I think about this record?  I know that’s the question that you’re all dying for me to answer.

Believe it or not, I think it’s pretty good.  I’m not sure why you wouldn’t believe it, but something has to take up those 250 words.

Sure, Tomorrow The Green Grass does sound a little more polished than what I usually listen to—the band definitely had access to a real studio when recording this.  That’s how alt-country should sound, though.  The cleanliness is part of its appeal.

Minnesota Week has already proven to be a great idea.  I would have never checked out this band if it hadn’t been for MW.  This state has some good tunes.


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