Day 149: Modest Mouse – The Moon & Antarctica

27 Jul

Dark Center of the Universe

I hate on normal indie a lot here.  Maybe I should stop that because this record is pretty good.

As far as indie rock goes, you can’t get much more standard than Modest Mouse.  Basic set up, basic instrumentation, trademark offbeat singer, everything here is in place for another blasé, uninspired band of twenty-somethings.  Something sets these guys apart, though.

I guess this record came out before the huge indie rush of the past decade or so.  This was originally released in 2000, and it sounds exactly like what many bands are trying to emulate today.  I know that I’ve disliked music for this reason before, which is why I’m confused about my enjoyment of The Moon & Antarctica.  

Maybe it’s just that it’s good.  Or maybe it’s that, once again, it’s 12:25 in the morning, and I am more sleep deprived than I’ve ever been in my life—oh man, college is going to be a blast.   No, I don’t regret ordering Dominos half an hour ago, and then watching Rainbow Bright for twenty minutes.

Lack of sleep aside, I do think this record is pretty solid.  I’ve got to stop hating on music just because it sounds like other music.  Especially when what I’m hating on is the stuff that came first.  Maybe I just need to listen to everything on the later side.  I’ve had very few negative posts over the past few weeks.

Lord, I’m sorry, I’ll get back to the record.
Standard indie, except it works.  Definitely check it out, if you’re one of the few that has not.


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