Day 156: Fences – Fences

3 Aug

Girls With Accents

So yeah.  The great Lolla scramble is going to keep on rollin’.  Sorry about that.

This is a band that I should have checked out a long time ago.  Not because they’re good or anything, believe me.  I will be seeing them, though—they’re opening for Titus Andronicus at a Saturday night Lolla after-show.  Let’s just say, I no longer care all that much about getting to this show on time.

All we need to do here is look at both the band and record’s name.  Fences.  Yeah.  Real exciting.  It calls to mind the work of a developing photographer.  See, you go through this “artsy” stage when you first pick up a camera, and try and make pictures of boring things (fences) not so boring.  The operative word there is try.  Believe me, it can be done, but not with your autofocus Coolpix set on black and white.  I went through this stage, and I have way too many embarrassing fence shots.  It’s even worse, because they’re on film…not only was I terrible at photography; I was pretentious as shit.

Anyway, allegories aside, Fences is boring, generic, and boring.  Good thing it’s only half an hour, because I was getting close to falling asleep half way through.

It’s essentially acoustic guitar music, with a little bit of back-up instrumentation.  That type of music is only good if there are some kick ass lyrics being sung.  “I was born in the same town as you / Hell, I even think we have the same tattoos / My mother hates it when I smile / And she sees you coming through me / Like a sunshine through thin glass.”  I’m not even gonna touch that.


One Response to “Day 156: Fences – Fences”

  1. Yuanny Dollar August 4, 2011 at 8:29 am #

    Listened to the link. You nailed it. Boring, with a capital BORING.

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