Day 175: Fountains of Wayne – Sky Full of Holes

22 Aug

The Summer Place

Yes, these are the guys that made Stacy’s Mom.  Can we move on?  Please?  That was eight years ago.

Sorry, it’s annoying that a band with so much great material is still stuck with and known for a single overplayed song.  Sure, it’s great, but they have so much other good stuff.

Fountains of Wayne go way back with my family; perhaps that’s why I’m a bit defensive.  Welcome Interstate Managers—which yes, I’ll admit, my dad did purchase because it was the record with Stacy’s Mom on it—became the soundtrack to countless road trips, and to my preteen years in general.  If I’m reminiscing about being an eleven-year-old for whatever reason, Mexican Wine or All Kinds of Time will always start playing in my head.

Somehow, I’ve made it through the rest of my life without listening to anything else by this oh-so-important band.  Is that a little hypocritical? Perhaps.  Haters gon hate.

But, I figured that the time had come. informed me that Fountains had recently released a new record, and now we find ourselves here.  Guess what?  They still kick ass.

That trademark upbeat power-pop hasn’t gone anywhere, and front man Adam Schlesinger’s almost-obnoxious nasally voice still has the power to put anyone (well, me at least) in a good mood.

I did notice that the band isn’t genre experimenting anymore.  There’s no ill-advised country song (although Road Song gets uncomfortably close) or trippy attempt at 60s rock on this record.  All I have to say to that is thank god.


One Response to “Day 175: Fountains of Wayne – Sky Full of Holes”

  1. Yuanny Dollar August 23, 2011 at 1:02 am #

    Mr. Ear: Have you ever seen them live? What did you think? I saw them once, and I thought they put on a pretty good show (badly promoted and attended, so Adam pointed out that there were more porta-potties than people in the crowd). Why do I like this band? Because I never knew what their name meant and then, one day, I was watching The Sopranos and there was Tony shopping at a garden store in Wayne, New Jersey. The name on the sign: Fountains of Wayne. That, along with the Fast-Times-at-Ridgemont-High-Stacy’s-Mom video tribute (not to mention a pretty song about a guy playing college football) is all I need.

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