Day 192: Grouplove – Never Trust a Happy Song

8 Sep


Lots of my music listening revolves around the Chicago concert scene—let’s just say that there’s definitely a correlation between the albums that I pick and  In fact, this album right here has a lot to do with Chicago concerts, both past and future.

I saw Grouplove from afar on the final day of Lollapalooza, and they blew me away.  I hadn’t heard a single song of theirs before, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying every minute of their very enthusiastic set.  I made a mental note to check out some of their tunage after the fest, but things got lost in the shuffle.  Even when I’m listening to a record every day, I still can’t manage to get around to the stuff that I really want to hear.

Anyway, it somehow came to my attention that these guys have a show at Subterranean—a venue that I really want to check out—next week.  It didn’t take long for me to get my hands on their music after I saw that listing.

It turns out that I’ve wasted a month of my life by not listening to this music.  Perhaps I’m being a tad hyperbolic, but I really am impressed.  This is indie pop at its catchiest, least pretentious, and, as far as I’m concerned, finest.  Think Edward Sharpe with a little more ADD thrown in, and you’ll kind of get the idea of the Grouplove sound.

Christian Zucconi’s whiny vocals are often in contrast to the rest of the band’s happy-go-lucky sound, but that’s what makes this record work.  It doesn’t sound like every other indie pop album in existence, but remains infectious as hell.  Also, if you don’t like Colours, there’s something wrong with you.


One Response to “Day 192: Grouplove – Never Trust a Happy Song”

  1. Ty Jones September 20, 2011 at 11:26 am #

    I just heard the song you posted for this on the radio.

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