Day 201: First Aid Kit – The Big Black & The Blue

17 Sep

Heavy Storm

In a manner fitting for the day after 200, Jack White Week will go out with a whimper.  The big 201 sees us listening to First Aid Kit, a calm folky duo from Sweden.

But, Mr. Ear, what does this group have to do with Jack White?  This is White Week, after all.

Well, I’ll tell you.  According to my best friend the Internet, after a Nashville show last year, Jack approached the duo and asked them to record a couple of songs for his label’s single series. I really have run out of Jack White music to listen to.

So no, there is no insane distorted guitar or screechy falsetto on this record.  In fact, Jack had absolutely nothing to do with this piece, but I’ve got to listen to something.

And here’s what it boils down to: this music is not for me.  Yes, there were a couple of tracks that had me nodding my head and twisting my metaphorical ankle-length skirt with the beat, but for most of this record, I was closer to nodding off than anything.

I don’t blame the music.  I understand why some could call this beautiful.    This is just a case of personal preference, and I prefer stuff that’s a little heavier.  If I’m going to listen to folk music, I still need it to be suffixed with “punk.”  But, by all means, if you consider yourself a fan of the genre, then this is a record for you.  Even I could get behind the delicate harmonies in Ghost Town and Heavy Storm.


One Response to “Day 201: First Aid Kit – The Big Black & The Blue”

  1. Yuanny Dollar September 18, 2011 at 1:03 am #

    Hey, Mr. Ear: I know White Week is over and I hope we won’t face Black Week, featuring music related to Jack Black, for Day 300. More importantly, however, I would enjoy getting your take on a The Kills record and given that Jack put The Kills lead singer Alison Mossheart up front in The Dead Weather, I think there is plenty of linkage. So if there’s a The Kills record that you haven’t heard before, check it out and write it up. For my money, The Kills present a pretty interesting contrast to The White Stripes. Another boy girl duo with even less instrumentation (more dependence live on backing tracks, I think). They make some great songs and, with the right material, she’s a compelling vocalist.

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