Day 208: Calories – Adventuring

24 Sep


The guys that make up Calories don’t mess around.  Adventuring, the trio’s debut record from 2009, is a great example of what I look for in my music.  At only 23 minutes in length, this record showcases some great tunes from the harsher end of the indie spectrum, and then ends before you know what hit you. While this album may not be as polished or pretty as some of its indie-brit-rock competitors, its got heart, something that lots of these other albums are missing.

It’s obvious that these guys put everything they had into this record.  The voice cracks and miss-hits (that would have been edited around on an album with a little higher production value) actually add to the character of the piece. There’s no denying that these guys cannot sing, but the front man’s attempt does sound pretty cool.  You’ve got to respect him for putting his terrible vocals on the front line, announcing to the world that he is aware that haters gon hate.

I always seem to find myself gravitating toward music with a DIY sound to it.  There’s just something appealing about it to this teen that has always wanted to play in a band, but has never taken the time to get good at an instrument.  I think that’s why most fans of “crappy” sounding music are attracted to it.  Sure, there may be a little bit of the “screw the pigs at the major labels” ideology going on, but really, it sounds like stuff that we could actually make ourselves.


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