Day 220: Boards of Canada – Music Has the Right to Children

6 Oct


I don’t often call records “brilliant.”  Considering that I’ve listened to 218 of them in as many days, I’d say that I’ve become just a tad jaded.  An album has got to be really special in order to rise above the hours and hours of forgettable tunes that I’ve listened to since March.

Boards of Canada’s Music has the Right to Children does just that.  This record’s dark-yet-chill aura has been blowing me away for the past half hour or so, and I’m not even halfway done yet.  Instead of the usual dread that comes with the realization that I’ve only dealt with a portion of an hour-plus album, I’m actually excited, in a zoned out and relaxed kind of way.

Slow and intricate beats go on for what feels like eternity, yet every song seems to end too soon (considering that many songs go way past the 5-minute mark, this is a very strange remark coming from me).  Boards use a whole slew of sound effects and samples, and even support my theory that sampling little kids always works.  Dark, soft synth lines abound, and pull you further and further into this record with each note.  I couldn’t imagine listening to individual songs from this album—every track flows beautifully from one to the next.

Who knows what I would have thought had I been in an angry or hyperactive mood tonight.  Fortunately, my current calm and tired state of mind allows me to see the brilliance that is all up ons this record.


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