Day 222: Foxy Shazam – Introducing

8 Oct

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Foxy Shazam’s self-titled release, which is actually their third full length and most recent work, is nothing short of spectacular.  Regular readers may remember that it was good enough to earn the #2 spot on my First Half Top 5.  I love the approach to rock n’ roll that the guys take on that record.  It’s one of the most exhilarating pieces of music that I’ve ever heard, as the band throws out track after track of flashy Queen-inspired gold.  There’s also no denying that it has one of the best covers in history, one that currently holds the honor and distinction of serving as my desktop’s background.

Long story short, any other record by these guys has a whole lot to live up to.  Introducing, the group’s second record, doesn’t just come up short of the band’s latter magnum opus, it falls flat on its face.

It’s clear that Foxy front man Eric Nally was not quite comfortable with his sound while recording Introducing.  Bits and pieces of the flamboyant and flashy Eric that I’ve come to love make all-too-infrequent appearances, usually on the slower, piano-dominated tracks like A Black Man’s Breakfast (don’t ask me about that title).  The rest of the time, he’s just screaming over generic guitar chugs and a noticeably less-catchy keyboard, perhaps doing what he thought was expected of him.

Fortunately for the entire human population, these guys reined it in and became a little more self-confident in time for their next album.  Yes, Introducing is disappointing, but it is kind of interesting to hear the origins of such a good band.  Now, excuse me, I’m going to give Foxy Shazam another spin. I recommend that you do so as well.


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