Day 231: The Vaccines – What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?

17 Oct


So.  This guy just applied to college.  After a night full of tweaking (“freaking out,” for non-Evanstonians) the tiniest portions of various essays and 1,000-character responses, please excuse me if I come off as a bit brain dead in today’s(night’s) post.

Turns out, it’s a good thing that I didn’t expect too much from The Vaccines.  Their fairly standard, fairly simple, fairly repetitive, and farily easy to listen to indie rock is just what I need after this high-stress night.  It suits the wave of relief, as well as the feeling of pure nothingness, that comes with a moment like this.  But enough about me.  Let’s write about some music.

Justin Young, you’ve got one awesome voice.  It’s deep, it catches your attention, and its got a little twinge of a British accent, which I reluctantly admit, still sounds cool to me.  As for his lyrics…well, this is stuff that I would rip to shreds on any other night.  The pure simplicity (as well as idiocy) of phrases like “post break-up sex / helps you forget your ex / what did you expect / from post-break up sex?” or “I don’t mind about taking it slow / I’m perfectly aware of what I’m yet to know” just work on this temporarily-addled brain.

Above all, this is one catchy album.  I think that I would have seen that on any other night, but who knows?  I’ve trashed plenty of catchy records before.  I may have to let a second listen reveal something that I missed on this bad boy.


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