Day 251: Miike Snow – Miike Snow

6 Nov


All I know about Miike Snow is that during Lollapalooza a few years back, the three members all donned creepy white masks during their performance.  Gimmicky stuff like that usually causes me to steer clear of a band.  Shouldn’t the music speak for itself?  If you’ve got to have a gimmick to gain attention, how good can you really be?

Well, in what has become a (rather unfortunate) trend for Swole Ear, I was, once again, wrong about something.  Miike Snow’s self-titled LP is pretty freakin’ good.

Andrew Wyatt really has things figured out.  Miike Snow’s American frontman knows that all of the best electropop comes from Sweden.  He didn’t resign himself to fate and just form a guitar-plentiful indie rock band, though. Instead, he started a band with two Swedish producers, and gets to play some sparkly indie pop under the genre’s honorary national flag.

If you think I’m making this up, do a little research.  All of the best, catchiest, happiest electronic pop music comes from Sweden.  Both jj and The Radio Department speak to that assertion, as this country’s ability to so regularly produce citizens capable of making this awesome music always amazes me.

So, as I freeze my ass off in some godforsaken wood of an equally godforsaken northwestern Illinois, check out Miike Snow.  Yeah, they have two “i’s” in their name, and yeah, they do wear masks while on stage, but these are things that can most definitely be overlooked.  These guys have the music to back up the gimmicks.


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