Day 272: Chairlift – Does You Inspire You

27 Nov


I’m always looking for indie bands that don’t sound like other indie bands, which is why groups like Chairlift are great.  I’ve listened to a lot of music in my time, and I can’t think of a band with a sound exactly like Chairlift’s.  I’m even having trouble coming up with a band with a sound similar to these guys.

Don’t get confused; I’m not saying that an original sound automatically equals good music.  But, in a world where just about anybody can get their stuff out there via the internet, it definitely helps to stand out.  For instance, if you were to ask me for an indie rock band with a heavy focus on guitars and basic song structures, there’d be around 10,000 bands that would come to mind.  Even if you narrowed it down to bands that are still active and have lots of fuzzy buzzy effects obscuring their instruments, I could probably rattle off a list of no less than 20 groups.  But, if you were to ask for an indie band with dream pop influences, a retro aura, a chill-but-not-chillwave sound and a very relaxed vibe, I’d think of Chairlift and maybe Beach House.  But I’d recommend Chairlift, because they do it better.

But you already know what I’m talking about.  Chairlift’s “Bruises” was definitely in an Apple commercial of some kind a few years back.  There’s some hipster cred for ya.

In summation, if you’re looking for a band with a good sound all their own, and are in a state of relaxation (or trying to achieve such), look no further than Chairlift’s Does You Inspire You.  You won’t be disappointed.


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