Day 284: The Darkness – Permission To Land

9 Dec

I Believe in a Thing Called Love

Yeah, you’re right, no one suggested an early 00’s glam rock record.  I promise, I really will get around to that list of records you all have given me, but I also need this website to help me fulfill the large amount of upcoming concert research that I need to do.

Long time readers know that I absolutely love Foxy Shazam—well, their most recent record, at least.  That’s the one where they take indie rock to its most spandex-tastic levels.  With a new record in the pipeline, as well as a first single that attests to the band’s continued ever-present ridiculousness, I had begun gearing up for a U.S. tour with a face-melting performance stop in Chicago.  So I was pretty disappointed when I opened up a show listing email just to see Foxy on the second line of a concert by some band called The Darkness.  Openers never get any love, and I have a feeling that Foxy’s set will be nothing like their last stop in Chicago, the one that I’m still kicking myself for missing.

However, I haven’t lost all hope.  You don’t get a band like Foxy Shazam to open for you if you can’t bring da noise—you never want an opener putting on the more energetic show.  While not as initially gleeful and fun, this modern hair metal band still packs a punch, and should provide for a fun concert.  Why they’re touring, I’m not exactly sure.  This album came out in 2003, with their only other proper LP released two years later.  I don’t think many Americans were clamoring for a Darkness reunion tour, but I’ll take any opportunity that I get to see Foxy Shazam live.


One Response to “Day 284: The Darkness – Permission To Land”

  1. Chopseo December 9, 2011 at 8:59 pm #

    Ear-Man, if you are going to moon over tongue-in-cheek camp 80’s parody bands, why not Chromeo? While I was watching your Foxy Shazam clip I was noticing that the keyboard player looks a lot like the bearded Lebanese Guy in Chromeo – only to notice that Chromeo also played Lollapalooza in 2010 For a brief moment I thought that they might be the same guy but, nah, the Foxy Shazam dude don’t play no vocoder. Incidentally, your Dad may have listened to stuff that sounded not unlike Chromeo in the mid-80s – but will he fess up to it?

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