Day 292: Parenthetical Girls – Entanglements

17 Dec


Historically, Los Campesinos! have pulled some good openers for their tours.  From Johnny Forenigner to Titus Andronicus, at some point, LC! often show their love of fine music through their selection of supporting acts—even the one proper show of theirs that I’ve been to featured the eternally awesome Cymbals Eat Guitars.

It’s been announced that the upcoming Los Campesinos! U.S. tour will feature support from Portland-based Parenthetical Girls, one of those bands that the group always tweets at, but that I’ve never gotten around to listening to.  Considering LC!’s track record with openers, I had some very high expectations.

Now, after listening to Parenthetical’s Entanglements one and a half times, I don’t know exactly what to think.  Well, I kind of know what to think; I know that I definitely like them less than pretty much every opener that LC! has had before.

Once again, we have a band that I should like, and I definitely would like, if it weren’t for some obnoxious vocals.  Zac Pennington cannot sing.  His whiney and wavery voice is hard on my ears.  I will admit, though, three quarters of the way through this second listen, the obnoxiousness is beginning to grow on me.

Instrumentaly, this band is definitely sound.  With plenty of violins, cellos, and other wooden things that I have absolutely no hope of ever learning, they create a cool sound that goes well with the dark and dreary piano that frequents this album.  The occasional horn or two adds another layer of sophistication, as you definitely feel classy while listening to these guys.

So, you’ve just seen me completely change my mind about a record mid-post.  Don’t think of it as laziness on my part, think of it as an insight into the workings of the brain.  This is science, people. Now, where’s my grant money?


One Response to “Day 292: Parenthetical Girls – Entanglements”

  1. Dave Chops December 17, 2011 at 8:29 pm #

    Interesting. Puts me in mind of Lewis Furey who did some stuff not unlike this in the late 1970s and early 1980s: Lewis sang better though his voice is equally unconventional. The cover of Windmills of My Mind from The Thomas Crown Affair was a nice touch.

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