Day 305: El Guincho – Pop Negro

30 Dec

Ghetto Facil

Yeah, it’s a tad late.  Believe it or not, even I, the king of meeting deadlines, get a little behind schedule every now and again.  Cut me a little slack, it’s Day 305, after all.  Not going to lie, with Day 365 on the horizon, senioritis is starting to set in.

Plus, to make things worse for me, I’m supposed to be up and in a lift line in less than seven hours #firstworldproblems.

Anyway, it’s past one in the morning where I am, and you wouldn’t really think that a record in a different language would fly with me at this moment.  Knowing me, nothing should fly with me at this moment.  I’m putting the haterade aside, though, as even at this late hour, I am able to realize that El Guincho’s Pop Negro is awesome.  Now, before y’all get all offended, you should realize that in El Guincho’s native language (Spanish…I checked this time), “negro” means “black.”  Maybe I should rephrase that.  “Negro” is the word for the complete absence of light.  Oh Swole Ear…always PC.

Thanks to my six years of Spanish classes, I was able to understand a few of the lyrics on this record.  Just thought all of you should know that.  I mean, none of them are all that interesting, but I wanted you to realize that I’m a boss like that.

What this album really reminds me of is that Tropicallia 2 thing that I listened to a few days back.  It’s in that same vein of sample-fueled-pop-rock, with plenty of horns mashed up with synthesizers and drum machines.  The clear focus on vocals gives it that pop tinge.  To close, it sounds good.  I would listen to it again.  G’night, I’ll be thinking of y’all when I’m shredding it up later today.


One Response to “Day 305: El Guincho – Pop Negro”

  1. Alex C January 3, 2012 at 6:44 pm #

    Just wanted to say that I’m super stoked you liked this album. It was my “summer album” this past year and between the amazing songs and the great memories, I can’t listen to this without getting a little emotional.

    On the other hand I’d contest your choice of sample songs. Ghetto Facil is good, but Bombay and Lycra Mistral are definitely my favourite tracks. I’d even pick Midi Muerte first. But whatever, it’s your preference.

    Also, if you haven’t seen the video for Bombay yet, you should check it out. It’s crazy.

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