Day 346: Mucca Pazza – Plays Well Together

9 Feb

Borino Oro

Currently, you may be wondering something along the lines of “Swole, why are you listening to records that sound like they came from some strange and twisted 19th century Eastern European Carnival?”  While that is certainly a valid question, I have an inquiry of my own: how on earth could I not check out the music made by a band described as a “circus punk marching band?”

I’ve listened to plenty of weird stuff over the past 346 days, but Mucca Pazza may take the cake.  Comprised of twenty or so ever-changing members that seem to play every instrument in existence (and some that haven’t even been created yet), in a really fun and over-the-top manner, Mucca Pazza is a band that just doesn’t get boring.

Going into this, I guess I kind of ignored the “marching band” part of their description—quite a large portion of Plays Well Together sounds like the half time show of some demented football game. The band even has cheerleaders, who add even more pep to the already hyperactive music.

Mucca Pazza is one of those bands that needs to be seen live.  As much fun as I had listening to this record, every now and then, I found myself thinking, “Why on earth am I sitting in my room listening to a pep rally?”  When there’s no way to express the—for lack of a better word—happiness that comes with listening to this music, you find yourself a little embarrassed.


One Response to “Day 346: Mucca Pazza – Plays Well Together”

  1. Yuanny Dollar February 10, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

    This is what Gogol Bordello would sound like if they didn’t suck so much and lived up to all their hype. Thanks, Swoledini.

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