Day 348: Mitchmatic – It’s Probably Raining

11 Feb

Why Don’t You Know

When Mr. Chops, one of our more prominent commenters, linked to an up-and-coming rapper, going so far as to compare ‘em to De La Soul, I’ll admit, I got a little excited.  Three Feet High and Rising has been one of my favorite records of the Swole-sperience so far, and that trio’s originality is a factor behind my feelings.  But, their inventiveness also means that I haven’t heard anything else like Three Feet.

I eagerly clicked on the link to the hilarious YouTube video for Mitchmatic’s “Why Don’t You Know,” and kind of fell in love.

“Why Don’t You Know” is a great track, showcasing both Mitchmatic’s lyrical ability, as well as his knack for making beats.  I got my hands on the man’s newest mixtape (It’s Probably Raining, available on his Bandcamp for however much you want to pay), and absorbed myself in all 8 of its tracks.  At a disappointingly short 20 minutes all in, I’m currently on my third rotation.

I don’t know nearly enough about hip-hop to make any good comparisons, but I can draw from other records of the genre that I’ve listened to.  A better, less whiney Childish Gambino comes to mind, but I even heard Lemons-era Atmosphere in “Sorry” and “Discovering Pain,” and darker/angrier Seven’s Travels in “Work in the Method.”  Comparisons don’t do this stuff justice, though.  Mitchmatic is really doing his own thing, and I’m a little confused as to why the dude’s only got 100-something listeners on  Big things are in the works for this guy, I’d imagine.


One Response to “Day 348: Mitchmatic – It’s Probably Raining”

  1. Yuanny Dollar February 15, 2012 at 10:53 am #

    Great video. Everything else on the Youtubes seems to be him rapping in depressing Canadian venues with bad sound. Oh well. I am now a fan.

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