Day 357: Trust – TRST

20 Feb




Yeah.  Let’s talk about that.

I thought that the image up yonder was a joke when I first saw it circulating on various music forums late last month.  After tracking down the picture, and listening to the album that’s using it as a cover, not much has changed.

Props to the Arts & Crafts record label, though—those dudes are some marketing geniuses.  Letting this image loose on the web by itself wouldn’t have done too much, but by placing that little “A&C” watermark in the corner, they give consumers a way to track down  the record. That has got to be why TRST has been hyped to no end over the past few weeks—plus, something tells me that the record’s very early leak wasn’t due to carelessness at the label…

But that cover causes a few problems for Trust’s actual music.  This stuff could stand on its own without a hilarious image to go with it.  Think of a less aggressive Crystal Castles, meaning really infectious, calm, even intriguing synthpop.  The thing is, the singer has a really deep and strange voice.  So, while it has been confirmed that the creature in that picture is not in the band, you (I) can’t help but think of that thing, strutting across a stage, wearing a cape, leaning out into the crowd, smoke machines blasting behind, and staring into your soul while singing these creepy songs.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to get over that horrifying/hilarious image that I’ve come to associate with this record, which is unfortunate.  This music is actually kind of good.


One Response to “Day 357: Trust – TRST”

  1. Dave Chops February 20, 2012 at 7:10 pm #

    See/hear any resemblance?

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