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Dayayayayay 263: Dananananaykroyd – There Is A Way

18 Nov

Muscle Memory

Let’s get you all caught up.  I listened to Dananananaykroyd’s first record when The Swole was in its infancy, loved it (the album), and proceeded to forget about it. That’s been the story with quite a few records over the past 263 days, unfortunately, but I guess that’s bound to happen with a project like this.  I cared enough to give the band a “like” on Facebook, though, which meant that I heard all about the release of this particular record through numerous status updates.  That was way back in June.  Then the band announced that they would be breaking up after a final European tour.  I think that was back in September.  Now, it’s November, and I need a record to listen to.

I’m actually a bit saddened by the fact that I’ll never be able to see these guys live.  A quick YouTube search of their shows leads me to believe that they were extremely fun (i.e. plenty of moshing, but not with people that look like they want to end a few lives).  That’s what this type of music is going to lead to—it’s indie pop/rock with some hardcore elements—and I really wish that there were more of it in existence. There are a few breakdowns and a bit of screaming, which blends surprisingly well with the often-joyous vibe given off by the band’s lyrics.

Believe me, had these guys ever embarked on a U.S. tour, I most definitely would have attended a show.  Maybe they’ll reform one day.  Or maybe they’ve decided that they have had enough of that ridiculous name, and will be reforming under a better one next week.

Day 9: Dananananaykroyd – Hey Everyone

9 Mar

Black Wax

What the hell did I just listen to?  Seriously.  I’m confused.  There were breakdowns, handclaps, screams, group chants, and so many other things that shouldn’t go together.  On top of all that, the band’s name is Dananananaykroyd.  This all lead to a fairly confusing album listening.  For the sake of giving things unnecessary labels, I’m going to call this post-indie-hardcore-punk-pop.  I couldn’t possibly narrow it down any further than that.

Los Campesinos! used to link to Dananananaykroyd’s site from their blog, and that’s how I originally found the band.  I googled their ridiculous name, and listened to Black Wax, a single of theirs.  I understood why LC! liked these guys.  At first listen, they have a similarly happy sound. That initial listening of Black Wax showed promise, but it didn’t do a very good job of preparing me for the attack on the ears that is Dananananaykroyd’s Hey Everyone.

Honestly, I can’t tell you if I like the album just yet. While listening to the album, I was thinking “what the crap is going on?” or “why does this indie-pop song have a breakdown?” pretty much the entire time.  There was just so much going on musically, that I’m going to have to give it a few more listens before making a call.  All I can say right now is that Hey Everyone is, at the very least, a unique album.  Dananananaykroyd merge so many different aspects of the many variations of rock music together, that I’m struggling to form an opinion on it at the moment.  One thing’s for sure, I’m either going to end up loving it or hating it.