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Day 236: Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

22 Oct


If you read yesterday’s post, you know that I instantly fell in love with , Justice’s 2007 debut.  I couldn’t stop myself; I needed to hear more, as evidenced by today’s album.  With a pre-release date stream of the duo’s newest LP making its way around the internet, I just had to check it out.

Many fans of Justice have been disappointed with this new album.  Complaining about the high number of collaborations, as well as the frequent incorporation of vocals, the general hive mind seems to be that Audio, Video, Disco doesn’t hold up to its predecessor.

I see where the complaints are coming from.  Something that I love about is the low reliance on vocals—the heavy beats and crunchy instrumentation do fine all by themselves. The singing on Audio, Video, Disco is fairly annoying.  All it does is cover up Justice’s still amazing heavy beats and crunchy instrumentation.

But don’t worry, there’s still plenty to like in this newest release.  Justice really knows how to put together an opening track.  Almost as potent as Genesis (from †), Horsepower got me really pumped up.  With what sounds like an electronic organ being played underwater slowly fading into ’80s cheese ball guitar riffs, followed by everything being brought together in front of a deadly beat, this opener sets a standard that the rest of the record comes close to living up to. Highlights of this album really are most of the instrumental tracks. Canon and Brianvision once again show exactly what good dance music sounds like.

While it doesn’t quite live up to †, AVD is a solid, catchy, fun record that will indubitably be receiving a lot of play by me in the near future.


Day 235: Justice – †

21 Oct


“Cross.”  The title of this record is pronounced “cross.”  Believe me, there’s no one in the world more annoyed than me by obnoxious things like this in music.  Symbols should not be used as record names, song names, or artist names.  While I have dealt with all three over the course of this project, I have not become any less annoyed with them.

I should really stop complaining, though. is one hell of a record.

But first, let us back things up.  If you’re tuned in to the worlds of either French house music or hipster garbage (and why on earth wouldn’t you be?) then you already know that Justice’s sophomore album is coming out in just a few days.  (Officially, at least—it leaked earlier this month).  I’m sure the question at the forefront of your mind goes something like “why are you listening to this old ish when new stuff is just a mouse click away?”  Sure, I could capitalize on the (moderate) amount of hits that writing about a brand new record would bring in, but that’s not what this is all about.  While reactions to Audio, Video, Disco, the duo’s newest release, have been relatively mixed, is said to be a modern classic, an example of what dance music should be, and a call for all lesser DJs to just give up.  Now that I’ve listened to it, I can agree wholeheartedly.

I know we’re in for something massive when an audible “uh-oh” escapes my lips 40 seconds into the opening track of an album.  That I am listening to on headphones. In a room occupied only by myself.  Genesis’ drawn out intro and subsequent bass-heavy mid-section of pure musical gold sets the tone for the nonstop party that is †.  11 epic beats and ridiculously catchy dance tracks later, I’m already going through withdrawal.  I’ma press play again.

is absolutely perfect at what it is.  A dance album with a soul is hard to find, and a dance album with a human-like soul is even more rare.  is scratchy, dark, and just crying for attention, and I’m more than willing to give it plenty.