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Day 333: The Raconteurs – Live At Third Man Records

27 Jan

Salute Your Solution

Well, they’ve still got it.  The only question now, is are they going to do anything with it?

In July of last year, to the music world’s surprise, The Raconteurs announced a string of shows.  In typical Jack White-fashion, the details of the circumstances surrounding the reunion were never discussed, and the band’s multitudes of fans outside of Michigan and Nashville were left to pray for a North American tour of some kind.  Well, the shows have all come to pass, and it appears that The Raconteurs have faded right back into nothingness.

White did do one thing right, though.  Members of The Vault, TMR’s quarterly vinyl subscription service, received a recording of the show that took place at TMR headquarters.  While it is cool to have this black and blue consolation prize of sorts, it almost feels like a slap in the face to fans who weren’t able to catch one of these shows in person.  The album sleeve boasts that the concert was “recorded live and direct to 1-inch analog tape,” but it neglects to mention that someone must have left a vacuum cleaner running next to one of the microphones.  Seriously, this recording is of such low quality that it almost interferes with one’s ability to enjoy it.  Almost.  They’re still The Raconteurs, and Jack White is still one of the best guitar players out there.  Any hardcore fan—as most Vault members are—will have no trouble overcoming the fuzz and scratches.  Mr. White, I just can’t bring myself to hate you.