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Day 161: Young The Giant – Young The Giant

8 Aug

My Body

I’ve got a severe case of post-Lolla depression, so I’m trying to keep the fest alive for as long as possible.  For that reason, we have yet another post about a band that played Lollapalooza 2011.

The different thing about this entry, though, is that I neither planned on seeing this band, nor actually saw this band perform at the fest.

Let’s flash back to Day 1 of Lollapalooza, which feels like it was both a million years ago, as well as a couple of hours ago.  My sister and I were walking away from the Google+ stage after Tennis’ set (which was pretty good), towards the BMI stage for some Electric Touch beauty.  On that fateful walk, I heard something beautiful—it was just some standard indie rock, but I was really digging it for some reason.  I pulled out my schedule, and discovered that the glorious sound I was hearing was coming from a band named Young The Giant.  I had to give them a listen.

After listening to this record, my initial love for the band (or the 30 seconds of their performance that I heard) has faded a bit.  Young The Giant has its moments, there’s no denying that, but as a whole, the record comes off as a long, poor Grizzly Bear imitation.  The band’s cause is not helped by the fact that I cannot stand Grizzly Bear.

At 50 minutes long, I started asking myself “why is this still going?”  Standard indie rock can only keep me interested for so long, and tons of repetition is never a good thing.

Maybe I need to see this band live to really appreciate their music; live shows can really turn my opinion of a group around.  Let’s just say, I now consider myself a fan of Best Coast.