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Day 22: Warren Zevon – Excitable Boy

22 Mar

Werewolves of London

For this week’s edition of Dad-Rock Tuesday, my father picked Warren Zevon’s 1978 album Excitable Boy for me to listen to.

Wow.  You know that feeling when you love an album?  I’ve got that feeling with Excitable Boy.  I’ve got it to such an extent that I’m having trouble thinking about what I’m going to write about, so excuse me if this post is below the mediocre quality that all three of my readers have already come to expect from me.

I’ve heard a little of Zevon’s other work before, mainly The Wind, which got a lot of play in my house back in 2003.  I always liked what I heard, but never really thought about checking out any other music that Zevon made.  Thank God for Dad-Rock Tuesday.

Excitable Boy has a sound that I associate with the ’70s.  Some of the songs sound a bit like Springsteen, mainly the title track, sax and all.  Hold on, let’s talk about that title track.  This was the point where I knew I was in love with the album.  The song Excitable Boy, at first glance, is an upbeat song with catchy “oooohs” coming from the background singers, but quickly turns into a macabre tale as Zevon sings about this excitable boy raping and murdering his junior prom date.  What’s so great about this is Zevon’s consistent, almost happy delivery of the lyrics, even when the song turns dark.

Another great thing about the album is the way it starts up, does what it needs to do, then finishes quickly.  At 32 minutes, and with nine songs, the album never drags on for too long, and doesn’t overstay its welcome.  You gotta love that.