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Some Stats

9 Mar

…And I thought listening to an album a day was tedious.  Ladies and gentlemen, I have spent a good portion of the last seven days combing through the massive SwoleTunes Library, acquiring all kinds of cool statistics and facts for your (and my) OCD pleasure.  So, without further ado, I present to you, the Swole Stats:

Between March 1st of 2011 and February 29th of 2012, I listened to and discussed 366 LPs on this website. 343 different artists were covered, and 4,147 tracks were played in total.  Honestly, I’d say that I listened to 98% of those songs.

If played in a row, those 4,147 songs would go on for more than 11 days.  Total play time? 273 hours, 8 minutes, 3 seconds.  I racked up 30.57 GB of memory in a broad spectrum of file types from AAC to WMA, with an average bit rate of 261.4 kbs.  The majority of tracks were listened to between 9 P.M. and 1 A.M., with 2 checked out between 4 and 6 A.M. all year.  On average, I listened to 82 new songs per week, each with an average length of 3 minutes and 42 seconds.

As for release dates, I stuck with fairly modern material.  In fact, about 21% of the Swole Ear repertoire was released in 2011 and 2012. I only listened to one record released in the 1950s throughout the duration of the project.  Most records were released in the 2000s (36%), followed by the 2010s (32%), than the ’70s (11%), ’90s (11%), ’80s (7%), ’60s (3%) and the ’50s (.3%).

While 123 different tracks contain the word “love” in their title, “Brooklyn” is used zero times.  In fact, there are references to New York City in the titles of only four songs.  Other frequently occurring words in song titles: life, night, down, heart, baby, rock.

And while I have yet to find a way to officially calculate this, here are some of the words that I probably used the most:  I, probably, though, although, honestly, haters, standard, awesome, catchy, bad, gon, thought, anyway, hate.

So yeah.  Numbers is cool.