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Day 170: Atom and His Package – Redefining Music

17 Aug

Anarchy Means I Litter

Well that’s an obnoxious title for a record.  It’s pretty pretentious, too.   Atom, you’re already off to a bad start.

Let’s rewind a bit, though.  Last summer, I was playing around on Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music—an amazing website that explains the numerous different subgenres of, guess what, electronic music—when I stumbled upon something called “Casiocore.”  The third sample provided by Ishkur of this low-fi, high-ridiculous genre is 15 seconds or so of Where Eagles Dare, a Misfits cover by Atom and His Package.  I was hooked, and quickly went to the YouTubes to satisfy my hunger for more.

I was impressed with the two or three other songs that I heard.  For some reason, these songs popped into my head the other day, and I figured that it was time to check out a full album by Atom.

Fast forward to now.  Redefining Music doesn’t really redefine music (in a positive sense, at least).  It kind of characterizes music as a shouty, over-the-top, painful, amateurish thing.  The problem with this record is that it lacks all of the charm that I heard in tracks Eagles or Hammer.  Instead of wide-eyed and intrigued by everything around him, Atom comes off as another jaded punk—the only difference is that he uses a synth and sequencer.

I think I must have picked the wrong record here.  Actually, I really hope that I picked the wrong record.  I still love those few songs that I listened to a year ago, and if there’s an Atom & His Package record that sounds anything like that, I’d love to give it a shot.