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Day 238: Chilly Gonzales – The Unspeakable

24 Oct

Rap Race

Look, I could just type up a post of only lyrics from this record, and it’d be funnier and more interesting than anything I’ve ever written.  Actually, I’m pretty tempted to do just that.  There’s something standing in the way, though.  Having just listened to Chilly Gonzales’ ridiculously awesome The Unspeakable, every brilliant line said by one of the funniest dudes that I’ve ever heard is quickly escaping my head.  I’ma start this record up again, and hopefully pull some of the brightest gems for y’all because that’s the only way that I can hope to do this record justice.

You know what, second thought.  Quoting many of these lines out of context just won’t do it. Listen to Self Portrait or Beans, and I’m confident that you’ll see what I mean pretty quickly.

It’s not just the hilarious self-deprecating rhymes that make The Unspeakable so endearing.  This really is hip-hop in its most unlikely form.  Chilly Gonzales is a 40-year-old white guy (who looks like this), who has produced for a bunch of big names, and released music of every variety—in addition to his hip-hop work, he’s got a few electronic records, and a 16-track album of his piano compositions under his belt.  He has one of the strangest (and arguably one of the worst) flows in rap history, and perhaps most importantly, there is not a single beat to be found on this album.  As far as I know, that’s pretty much unheard of in hip-hop.  This is orchestral hip-hop, though, and Chilly Gonzales does not conform to standards (he’d tell you to go listen to The xx or Gossip if “normal” is what you’re looking for).