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Day 139: Das Racist – Sit Down Man

17 Jul

Rapping 2 U

Wait, what?  This is Das Racist?  Honestly, I was expecting an entire record full of Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell bangers, but what I got was some semi-serious stoner rap.   I won’t lie; I am a little disappointed.  That’s not to say that the trio’s second mixtape-album-thing isn’t kind of baller.

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure why or what it is that I enjoy about Sit Down, Man.  I guess the same goes for all of their work, though.  Pizza Hut is perhaps the dumbest song that I’ve ever heard, but it’s undeniably catchy, and has an appeal that never wears off.

It helps that these guys can actually rap, too.  I had never been fully exposed to their non-fast food rhyming skills before, so it was a relief that they know what they’re doing with microphones.

At way over an hour, and with 20 different tracks, Sit Down, Man can be a slog to get through.  Nothing stands out as particularly bad, but it definitely goes on for a little too long.  I’m not entirely sure why Das Racist felt the need to put so much together for a single release—they could have split Sit Down in half and had two full albums.  I guess there’s no stopping the creative juices once they start flowing.

I wouldn’t suggest listening to Sit Down, Man in full.  I know that I won’t be doing it ever again.  Maybe put it on in the background or something when you need some hip-hop to zone out to.