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Day 197: ZZ Top – Degüello

13 Sep

I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide

“Given that Jack featured a custom white Billy Gibbons/Bo Diddley signature Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbird guitar in the Another Way to Die video, I will assign you an album by Billy Gibbons’ band, ZZ Top.  I hope you enjoy Deguello.”

Seriously, dad?  That’s the best you can do?  I know you said you were going to have to play six degrees of Jack White when deciding on this week’s record for Dad-Rock Tuesday, but this seems like a pretty big stretch.

You’re the boss, though.  So today, for Day 3 of White Week, I’ll be listening to a record by ZZ Top.  Yeah, those guys with the 5-foot beards who have been around longer than Dinosaurs.

I was guaranteed to like this record from the start because I’m a huge sucker for blues-rock in any form.  Seriously, I like all of it.  My problem is that I can’t tell the good stuff from the bad stuff.  If there’s some intriguing distorted guitars and typical bluesy lyrics, chances are that I’ll be hooked.  There’s a reason I’m a huge fan of Jack White.

Regardless, I’m pretty sure that Degüello is a solid record.  As goofy as ZZ Top may seem externally, I’ve always found that I enjoy their music.  It’s as standard as blues-rock gets, but that’s right down my alley.  With lyrics about hookups and breakups, guns and cars, this is about as much as one can ask for out of an album like this.  I just wish that I understood the artwork.  I think the music factory had an Iron Maiden overstock or something.