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Day 311: Destroyer – Kaputt

5 Jan


Things were done a little differently tonight in the land of Swole Ear.   Remember that badass camping trip that I told you about back in November? Well, that trip was a part of my equally badass Adventure Ed II class.  While this past semester filled with hardcore adventuring has been the hardest I’ve ever had to work for a Physical Education credit, it’s also been a ton of fun.  Except for the knots. I can’t deal with knot tying.

Naturally, our final project is a Knot Board—a display filled with no less than 32 different, complicated knots.  For some reason, I’ve never been good with rope.  I just don’t have a mind made for visualizing these things, but, I’ve got to get this project done.  So tonight, I decided that I’d get to work on the Continuous Ring Hitch (this monstrosity), while listening to Kaputt by Destroyer.

I knew nothing about this album going in, and with a name like “Destroyer,” I naturally expected some fast-paced and angry rock music that would hopefully power me through what was sure to become known as the 2012 Ring Hitch Disaster.

Overall, things went better than expected.  Due to the extremely calm and relaxing nature of this record, my hitch is really taking shape.

What immediately comes to mind while listening to “Kaputt” is smooth jazz.  Bear with me though; it’s much better than that stuff.  I just had that thought because of all the brass that finds its way into the album.  Saxophones and trombones run rampant over really laid-back beats, and dreamy vocals.  It’s a unique sound, and definitely not for everybody.  While plenty would probably write off this stuff as really cheesy, I found myself getting into it.   Check it out, at least, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.  Regardless of what y’all think, it really is the perfect knot-tying music.