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Day 218: Squeeze – East Side Story

4 Oct


I’ll admit it. I figured that this would be your typical Dad Rock Tuesday post.  I was expecting to once again fumble through 250 or so words about why old music just doesn’t speak to me or something.  Squeeze’s East Side Story is a little too good for that nonsense, though.

The weirdest thing about this album is that, off the top of my head, I can name quite a few modern bands that appear to be influenced by these guys.  This record’s usual carefree and upbeat sound reminds me a bit of the jittery treble guitars of Vampire Weekend.  Front man Glenn Tilbrook, strangely enough, sounds a bit like Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, especially in Someone Else’s Heart.  Both MGMT and Muse are called to mind as well on the synth-filled extra-new-wavy tracks.

I’m especially surprised by all of this because Squeeze isn’t usually thought of  as an extremely influential band.  They’re mainly known for their radio-friendly hits from the ’80s.  Speaking of which, about Tempted…I guess I never really sat down and listened to it before.  It’s not a bad song.

Now, I’m not one of those guys who hates everything that’s on the radio (I’d say it’s probably around 85% hate), but when I made the Squeeze/Tempted connection, that’s when I first figured that this would be another crappy DRT record.  I’m always glad to be proven wrong.

One final point: this band is versatile! From synth-pop to standard rock, Squeeze covers all of the radio-ready bases.  This all makes for a record that never gets boring, but somehow remains cohesive.  Now, I just need to get over that awful album art.