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Day 338: El Ten Eleven – El Ten Eleven

1 Feb

My Only Swerving

I’m getting all teary-eyed…today’s post marks the first of Swole Ear’s final month of standard daily activity.  Almost a year to date since this ridiculous idea worked its way into my head, I’m suddenly filling up with all kinds of premature nostalgia.  But all half-self-deprecation (pronounced “self-depreciation” by the Carleton rep that visited my school a while back—rankings only mean so much) aside, I plan on bringing it this month.  Expect my A-Game…no posts where I kill a third of my word count with an irrelevant first paragraph.

I couldn’t have picked a better album to start off this monumental month.  Rather, I couldn’t have had a better album suggested — but it was  picked by the same person who recommended Albert Hammond, Jr., so let’s not give her too much credit.  The music of El Ten Eleven couldn’t be any more different from AH Jr.’s.  Post-rock at its simplest, it is clear that these guys care about rocking out much more than ego stroking.

This is your standard “when does the singing start?” record, and I mean that in the best way possible.  El Ten Eleven is made up of nine vox-less indie rock tracks, which probably leave some listeners yearning for a vocalist.  In a different mood, this album might not have flown with me either—however, as the relaxed state of mind that comes with being a second semester high school senior begins to wash over me, I find this record to be all kinds of awesome. With a laid-back mood, some amazing guitar playing, along with chill and precise beats, I dare you to dislike this music.