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Day 157: Girl Talk – Feed The Animals

4 Aug

Play Your Part, Pt. 1

Of all of the pre-Lolla research records that I’m listening to, this is the least necessary.  I mean, it’s Girl Talk.  Do you really need to be all that familiar with Mr. Gillis’ work in order to enjoy one of his shows?  I think the answer to that has gotta be no.  From the concert footage that I’ve seen, Girl Talk shows are huge dance parties as opposed to sing-a-longs.

I’ll admit, I’ve been awestruck by Girl Talk’s All Day ever since I listened to it back in May.  I wanted some more, which is exactly what I got out of Feed The Animals.

It’s always annoying when I listen to an artist’s work in any order other than chronological.  I want to write things like “Girl Talk is still bringing it,” but that wouldn’t make any sense, considering that All Day came out after Feed the Animals.  I guess I’ll have to settle on something else.  Girl Talk was bringing it even way back in 2008.

Honestly, unless you don’t have a soul, there’s nothing not to enjoy about this record.  Greg Gillis has some magical ears, and an insane capability for matching up tracks that you or I would never think would work together.   With two of his records under my belt now, I’m beginning to notice a few of his recurring tricks—he opens a lot of his long, beat-heavy hip-hop sections with intense guitar blasts from various 70s cheese-rock groups.  He’ll also find a way to work in that opening beat from Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up—something that makes those who have spent too much of their lives on the internet cringe every single time.  There should also be a limit on Daft Punk samples, in my opinion—I think I counted four in this record.

I’m being nit-picky, though.  This is another amazing mashup record, and I’m definitely psyched about the Girl Talk set at Lolla.  Even if it means venturing over to the DJ stage.