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Day 352: fun. – Some Nights

15 Feb

We Are Young

Wake up everybody, fun. has always been terrible!  Don’t get me wrong—I mean that in the best, most love-filled way possible.  Aim and Ignite, the band’s first record, is bad, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome at the same time. Let me explain.

Never in history has there been a more melodramatic group, with material more contrived and cringe-worthy.  I (along with every fun. fan out there) am willing to overlook those facts because there is not a band out there that makes catchier music.  Everything from Nate’s dreamy and pitch-perfect voice, to those soft and beautiful piano ballads, makes us overlook all of this music’s problems.

Some will continue to give fun. a pass, but it appears that others have decided to start hating on fun.  Ever since Some Nights’ lead single We Are Young was covered on Glee, the naysayers have come out of the woodwork en masse.  Now that the band has been signed to an (awful) label, and has some money for fancy production and whatnot, it’s suddenly no longer acceptable for them to make horrible, and horribly catchy tunes.  What’s really happening here, in my opinion, is the following: people don’t want to be a fan of the band responsible for the music in the Super Bowl’s best commercial.

Yes, there’s some auto-tune-usage on this record.  Sure, the fact that they had Kanye’s producer step in is a bit questionable.  But let’s face it, this is clearly the same band, making the same painfully good tunes.  Turning on them when they get a little bit of attention makes no sense.  Haters gon hate.