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Day 226: Generationals – Con Law

12 Oct

When They Fight, They Fight

Some music is just made for the summer, but I couldn’t tell you if Generationals’ Con Law is that kind of music because every single minute of this positive indie rock/pop managed to annoy me to no end.  I believe that there are a few factors contributing to this phenomenon: the music is bad, I’m not in the right mindset for it, and the music is bad.  The reason that I can’t get behind Con Law is most likely buried somewhere in those three points.

Last.fm and its various users describe Generationals as a great summer band.  First of all, this is a classification that frustrates me, but I’ve come to terms with its validity.  The idea that a band with a happier, upbeat, danceable sound will be more relevant in the summer, when more people are in a happier, upbeat, dance-ready mindset, holds some truth.  But shouldn’t good music be good music year round?  I do appreciate the importance of mood in regards to music—no one would play The Antlers’ Hospice at a birthday party, but to say that a season is equal to a universal, constant state of mind is ridiculous. For me not to like this record just because the days at the beach (because that’s how I spend my summer) are over makes no sense.

No, what I think it comes down to is that Generationals is a bad, boring, generic band. Con Law’s slow pace and amateurish sound lacks any of the charm that you’re supposed to get out of a summertime album. Something tells me that I would have disliked this record even if I had played it back in July.