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Day 135: Hüsker Dü – Flip Your Wig

13 Jul

Flip Your Wig

Hüsker Dü was a punk band, from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, active from 1979 to 1987.”  Well, that’s enough for me this Minnesota Week.

As you can imagine, additional writing is the last thing that I feel like doing at a writing camp.  I said every day for an entire year, though.  I’m sticking to that.  I mean, life could be a lot worse right now.  I’m currently sitting in a dorm room listening to classic, influential Minnesotan tunes.

Anyway, let’s get going on Hüsker Dü before this turns into too much of a…shudder…personal blog.

I think it must be the mindset that I’m in right now, but I just can’t get into Hüsker.  I mean, they have everything that I look for in a band—emotion, strange vocalist, and a bit of a “fuck it all” attitude about them.  It’s not that I’m looking for anything different in my music at this moment, it’s that I’m not looking for any particular music at all.  I’ve been absorbing myself into the works of Plato and Emerson, and I just don’t care too much about the blog at the moment.

Like that previous paragraph, lots of what goes on within Flip Your Wig is obnoxious filler.  I almost smashed my computer over the head with my keyboard when the 45-second Baby Song came on.  Three quarters of a minute of terrible slide whistle playing should not be pushed upon anybody.  (Is there such a thing as good slide whistle playing?  That’s for another day.)  (Spoiler alert: the answer is “no.”)

Well, that’s 250+ words.  I’m done for the day.  I don’t care that you know just as much about the Dü as you did coming into this; I have some Frost to read.