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Day 296: Digitalism – I Love You, Dude

21 Dec


If you are reading this blog and you are under the age of 25 (believe it or not, there are a few of you in that demographic out there), you will love this record.  Old people, you’ve already flamed this type of music to hell and back, so feel free to return to your oatmeal, while I write about the crap that the kids listen to these days.  Look! I think I see some hooligans on your lawn who you should probably go yell at.

Let’s face it, deep, deep down, we all kind of like dubstep.  And I don’t mean good dubstep, I mean brostep—the stuff with YouTube comments that go to disgusting lengths just to describe how “filthy” the music is.  Many of us realize how awful that stuff is—it’s completely devoid of any soul, creativity and ingenuity—and we choose to ignore it, or rage against it.  But, we’ve got to turn to something to help slake that inner desire for insane amounts of bass, catchiness, and “epicness.”  What do we do?  We put on some European house music!

See, for some reason, this stuff is accepted as real music in our snobby little community.  Sure, it’s got more substance than the latest UKFDubstep remix, but let’s be honest with ourselves, not that much more.  It’s got dat bass, though.  So go ahead and listen to this crap—I know that I will—just take yourself off of your high horse.  You’re not that much better than the average Natty-toting, weed-smoking bro king.

Who cares, though?  By god, is this stuff hard to turn off.  And as long as this isn’t all that you listen to, as long as you’ve got music in your library with some meaning, Digitalism is fine in moderation.  Just remember one thing when you’re listening to it: you are not better than anyone else.